Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2nd Grade Stamping

2nd graders just finished these beautiful textural stamping projects. The lesson itself serves as an introduction to terms and concepts key to upcoming projects:
1. The underlayer of tissue paper leads into our study of vertical and horizontal lines.
2. the stamped overlayer introduces us to our upcoming printmaking unit. Students practice getting the right amount of ink on stamps, registering the location, and lifting the print without smudging.

-sturdy paper or tag board base
-tissue paper of many colors, cut into strips 1" wide. I cut a mixture of 9" and 12" strips to fit the base paper.
-cups of glue/water mixture
-paint brushes
-stamps: I had my 6th grade students use linoleum carving tools on the ends of erasers to create a classroom set of stamps.
-flat trays of liquid tempera paint or ink

Day One:

Students use glue-water mixture to brush down strips of tissue paper in vertical and horizontal stripes.

Day Two:
Students stamp black tempera paint to their plaid underlayer, aiming for the squares where the vertical and horizontal lines intersect.

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