Monday, April 2, 2012

Reduction Prints on Scratch Foam

High School-level Drawing & Printmaking class began a printing unit several weeks ago. Topic: reduction prints.

Have you ever tried to explain to someone how a reduction print is made?

If so, you might be familiar with the confused expression that usually meets you in response. It is a process that can be tricky to wrap your mind around. After researching different reduction print lessons & methods, I found an answer on a different Art Ed blog: Foam Reduction Prints by "Use Your Coloured Pencils." 

Why not use an elementary-level reduction print as practice? Students were invited to bring in a piece of fruit for breakfast in 1st hour class. If they forgot, I had the plastic fruit & veggies that we use for still life drawing. We printed from 6"x9" Scratch foam. These practice prints took up only two class periods, and now we have moved on to making their more advanced Linocut reduction prints. I can't wait to see how they turn out-- most students are on phase two of printing and the results so far are promising!

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