Wednesday, February 6, 2013

5th Grade Slab-Constructed Vessels

Clay Day: favorite Art class of the year for many students! It is a true workout for both the students and I to get these accomplished in one 45-minute class period, but the 5th grade artists were up to the challenge. Many of the vessels are destined to be flower vases, pitchers, and coffee mugs (overheard: "I missed Mom's birthday, so good thing I will be able to give her this coffee mug for Mother's Day!"). Students demonstrated good clay-building technique; rolling their own slabs to the proper width, embossing textures, and attaching elements securely using the "slip and score" method. One young basketball fan helped his peers commit this technique to memory: "He slips... he SCORES!!!!"

Roughly 65-70 clay mugs were constructed on Tuesday afternoon and are now drying out on the shelf awaiting a turn in the kiln. The imprinted textures are beautiful in the surface of the clay, and so far, no handles have broken off!

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