Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Youth Art Month Setup vs. the Blizzard

The short story: the blizzard won this battle, but the Art Department will not give up so easily and the Youth Art Month show will go on as scheduled, opening this Sunday at the Rahr-West Art Museum!

As in past years, the Museum hosts this wonderful student art show for our district during the month of March. February is spent selecting and preparing the artwork, and the last week of the month is spent hanging the show during the evening hours. That is, until Lake Michigan and its tricky "Lake-effect snow" turned a measly prediction of 2-4" into a 12"+ blanket that brought the city to a standstill!

A few brave art teachers were able to make the journey to the Museum after digging themselves out; we were able to fill some wall space before the building closed for the evening.

I snapped a photo of the progress in the main gallery before heading out!


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    1. And you, Johanna, are a genuine Youth Art Month phenom! I failed to credit you for putting up every last artwork in the above photo after walking to the Museum through through 14 inches of snow (uphill both ways)!

  2. This is a delightfully joyous, most blog-a-licious place! As inspiring as the author!