Tuesday, January 29, 2013

5th Grade Jasper Johns Collaborative: Numbers

***UPDATED: here is the final product on display!

As in the past years, 5th grade students collaborated on a large-scale Jasper Johns-inspired piece as we begin to explore the concept of Pop Art. Past cohorts of 5th graders completed Flag and Map, so this year we are moving on down the line to make our own version of Numbers in Color!

Preparation of materials: thankfully, the materials were much easier to come by this year! I cut one 6"x 8" yellow base of tag board per student, as well enough numbers 0-9 (1 for each student) using the school's Ellison Cutter-- this took a little time, since I could only cut one letter at a time due to the thickness of the tag board!

To add some sculptural relief to our work, I also set out sheets of 3D styrofoam sticky "dots." The jury is still out on whether the 3D effect will enhance or detract from the final effect, but I thought it was worth a shot!

 We painted with primary colors of acrylic paint; I mixed white with the yellow and the blue to make them more opaque.

When students came in for class, we spent the first 10 minutes looking at Scholastic Art's Jasper Johns edition and discussing the use of symbols as subjects for his art. I distributed numbers; students painted the yellow base first, then added and painted the number stencil. Now all I have to do is figure out the best way to combine the works into one large collaborative piece-- check back in soon for the finished work!

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