Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Middle School Plaster Masks

I am happy to see the 7th and 8th grade "Around the Art World" class finishing up some fantastic masks!

In a previous post, I shared our plaster mask-making technique. After this initial stage was completed, we progressed through the following steps:

1. Students viewed slides of traditional African masks and discussed observations and similarities between the designs. We noticed the geometric abstraction and sometimes elongation of features, observed color schemes, and discussed the use and placement of patterns to highlight facial features.
2. Students sketched various mask ideas based on the form of either animal or human faces.
3. Using hot glue and cardboard scraps, students built up on the form of their original masks to abstract the features. Some made their masks into animals, others created headpieces or altered the facial shape. These additions were covered in plaster strips.
4. A base color of acrylic was applied, followed by accent colors in the form of patterns and shapes.
5. The gel pens I ordered arrived JUST IN TIME for the students to render intricate designs on top of the paint!
6. If desired, students added raffia and beads to embellish their work.

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