Monday, January 14, 2013

6th Grade Tours the Junior High

We are nearing the end of first semester, and already the students are signing up for next year's courses. Yikes! It is hard to believe how fast the school year is going.

Tonight, the dual worlds of my traveling teacher lifestyle (elementary & junior high) collide in the form of Orientation Night. The 6th grade elementary students come to the junior high school for a tour of classes and a sampling of electives. Following the tour, they choose their electives for the 2013-2014 school year. Naturally, I want as many as possible to sign up for Art! The art teachers have been hard at work this afternoon filling the room with displays from each course offered to students in grades 7-9.

In our District, we do the following:

Grades 7 & 8 offer mixed-grade classes. There are four choices, and students may take one or all during these two years. Each class is a survey of drawing, painting, printing, ceramics, and sculpture.
Art Gallery: I am slightly biased in favor of this class that focuses on Art History as inspiration for various projects!
Around the Art World in 90 Days: This course uses art from various cultures as inspiration.
Art & Design: This class focuses on the Design Principles as a means to improve our artwork. We do many projects that have a "graphic design" leaning and incorporate both digital photography and drawing on the iPads.
You-Nique Art: Maybe the name is a little silly, but the class has been very fun to work with; the focus of this class is using your own experiences, memories, and interests as subject matter.

9th Grade students, while still present in the junior high, have the option to complete a high school Intro to 2D or Intro to 3D course that serves as a prerequisite to more advanced high school classes.

Check out the Wilson Junior High Art room-- the students' work looks great!

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